Inspiring the Book: Prophet of Beauty

Lydia Silvestry is a phenomenon. As a young girl, she was pronounced dead in a hospital emergency room. It was during this experience that she became aware of her spirit choosing to return to her body in order to be of assistance on earth. In her teens, she attended a beauty pageant as a spectator and, inadvertently, was crowned Puerto Rico's Beauty Queen. As a journalist in her twenties, she could not find a dress that suited her versatile needs, thus she invented the world famous Infinite® Dress: a garment designed to be worn more than 100 different ways. Lydia also speaks seven languages.

Perhaps this talented woman's most amazing characteristic is her appearance. She has never had a face lift. Doctors who examine her cannot believe how someone in her sixties can have the skin of a woman in her thirties. For a long time, Lydia's friends and acquaintances begged her to share her beauty secrets with them. Herein Lydia does just that, with her first book: Lydia Silvestry's Beauty Secrets.

A Life's Legacy

Eternal youth, elegance, passion, natural beauty, and creativity: blend these together with a good portion of inspired genius and you have a recipe for success called Lydia Silvestry.

Lydia not only embodies these qualities herself, she also infuses them into everything that she creates and sees them inside every other woman.

From an early age, this former beauty queen, born and raised on the exuberant island of Puerto Rico and trained in design at the prestigious London College of Fashion in London, England, devoted herself to the study of everything that nature provides us with to maintain and enhance our inner and outer health and beauty. In her book: "My Beauty Secrets", Lydia discloses her utter most secrets exposing in detail her unique style of living in health.

Lydia started her working career as a Woman's Fashion Editor at El Nuevo Dia newspaper in San Juan, Puerto Rico. She was presented The Medal of Communications by the Governor, for outstanding performance in the journalistic field - the highest award achievable. Lydia then went on to become Managing Director of Temas Magazine, a New York based Latin American publication.

Meanwhile, Lydia's hobby was fashion. She loved to create clothing for herself. Her friends were so impressed with her fashion designs, they frequently asked her to design for them as well. Because as a journalist Lydia was traveling frequently, she needed a dress that would travel well and look good for any occasion. She began to develop a design with that concept in mind.. the Infinite Dress.

Lydia's success took her to Europe. She fell in love with London and decided to move there, continuing both her journalism and her fashion hobby. So impressed were Lydia's new friends in England with her Infinite Dress, that they prompted Lydia to share it with the world. Thus began Lydia's successful career as an international fashion designer. She studied at the London College of Fashion simply because fashion is her passion!

As the Infinite Dress caught fire, Lydia Designs Ltd., Inc., opened offices in New York, Paris and London. The Infinite Dress was granted a patent in the U.S. and Japan, a testament to its unique design and ingenuity. Lydia's studies in sculpture and painting in Europe inspired her as an admirer of Modern Art. A polyglot, she speaks several languages, including fluency in Spanish, English, French and Italian.

Among Lydia's loves are her two sons, and grandson. Lydia enjoys pilates, preparing gourmet vegetarian recipes, and the visual arts. Her seemingly inexhaustible energy, curiosity and considerable sphere of influence all over the globe have given her a passport into the customs, lifestyles, philosophies, and spiritual beliefs of women all over the world, from every social strata. Lydia continues to channel that creative energy into fashion and beauty inventions that make women's lives better.