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Lydia Silvestry's Beauty Secrets

An Easy Guide to a green lifestyle

Former beauty queen and world-renowned fashion designer reveals her keys to ageless beauty.

Do you want an attractive and youthful appearance? Would you like to have glowing skin, healthy hair, incredible energy and an ongoing sense of wellness? Here's your opportunity to stop the clock and even reverse the aging process.

Within this book you'll discover over 300 tips, recommendations and recipes designed to enhance your health and beauty at any age.

In her book Lydia offers a day by day account of what constitutes a green lifestyle- in it she includes her most private and intimate details of her personal life.

Over forty years ago, Lydia Silvestry was crowned People's Beauty Queen in Puerto Rico. That's not so amazing. What is amazing is how young and beautiful she looks today. How does Lydia, a grandmother in her sixties, continue to look so young that she has often been mistaken for her grown son's sister?

Over her lifetime, the author has gathered and adopted hundreds of beauty secrets-all of which have obviously served her well. She is living proof that natural is better and now she is ready to teach her secrets to others who desire greater health and beauty. For the first time, Lydia Silvestry shares her youth-enhancing techniques.

Can aging be reversed? Yes, it can! Following Lydia Silvestry's Beauty Secrets you can indeed look younger, regain your vitality and have fun while doing it.

Lydia Silvestry's Beauty Secrets is a detailed personal account of Lydia's own habits, methods, techniques and general lifestyle practices. Some of the secrets are unique and ingenious. Others border on the bizarre. They all have one thing in common: simplicity. They are made with or derived from inexpensive natural products.

Reading this book will help you lead a gentle life that will benefit your entire family.

You will learn how to:

Discover how fabrics affect your nervous system, your energy and the stress level in your body. Your every day stress will diminish when you follow Lydia's recommendations.

Lydia Silvestry's Beauty Secrets is your guide to reversing aging, regaining health, and improving your body's energy. This book is presented in a candid, and uncomplicated manner, designed to save you time, money, stress, and, of course, wrinkles.