Every woman, at some time in her life, has emulated Ponce de Leon in his famous search for the Fountain of Youth. Scientists continually labor in pursuit of the seemingly elusive formula that will slow the aging process. But there have been few strides over the centuries—that is, until now.

You might be surprised to learn that a small number of women have found and are drinking from the Fountain of Youth.

Would you like a lively body and radiant skin? You can add years to your life and life to your years. You just need the knowledge, awareness, and desire. With this book you can gain the knowledge and awareness. The desire must come from within you.

I am frequently asked: "How do you keep looking so young?" I have two sons who are both in their forties. On countless occasions, people, seeing me with one or both of my sons, assume that I was a sister. (Sometimes they ask if I am the younger sister.) When they learn that I am the mother, they usually laugh. The laughter is followed by an incredulous comment such as “sure!” or “right!” It often takes a bit of convincing that I am telling the truth.

How do I maintain my youthful look? After many years of searching, I have discovered the health and beauty secrets I present to you in this book. My easy, step-by-step instructions will help you to obtain the same beauty results that I have. I received much of the information which forms the basis for my health and beauty secrets through meditation, dreams and intuition.

My husband George helped me understand and trust all the odd revelations I received during my meditations. He assisted me in researching those revelations and putting them into practice.

I must tell you that “frequently” this information seemed extremely odd. I did not readily accept every idea that came to me. However, once tested, I became convinced of its effectiveness. I’ve always been able to confirm the accuracy of the information. Consequently, I have learned to pay attention and give credence to the knowledge and information from my dreams, meditation and intuition.

What sort of information flows to me from the higher source? I’m told techniques for having more youthful skin, a strong body, good health, vibrant energy and a peaceful mind. I reveal these secrets in this book. Since beauty and health have been my focus most of my life, I also reveal beauty techniques and treatments that I learned through a lifetime of research.

Every beauty secret that contributes to the way I look and the way I feel today is encompassed within these pages. I am now in my sixties, and with each new day the results of my beauty regimen are more apparent.

Now I want to share these beauty secrets so that you may benefit from them as I have. For the first time, I am disclosing my daily habits, the intimate procedures that I practice and my most private health and beauty secrets so you can be as young and energetic as you wish to be.

The following chapters relate how you, too, can reverse aging, regain health, improve your body’s energy and reduce much of the harm already done to your skin and body. Do you wish to avoid the contaminants that pollute our bodies, our homes, the air we breathe, and the foods we eat? Your desire to choose natural products and eat organic foods will result in ahealthier, more positive lifestyle.

Natural ingredients promote and prolong well being. There is MUCH we can do to limit or diminish the effect of contaminants on our health and beauty. Please keep in mind that I am not a doctor. You should always consult with your doctor regarding any issues relating to your health. Then, you can take meaningful steps toward achieving youthful looks, exuberance and a long, exciting life.

It takes courage to reveal my secrets so openly in a book. Make no mistake about it: what I recommend in this book is exactly what I do in my everyday life. It is my nature to be helpful to others and I feel that through this book I can be of great help to many people.

We are all children of God and we may ask our father for everything we need. Our father wants to communicate with us if only we will listen. Meditation is the way that I listen to God and receive answers to my questions. Knowing that God is my source, I trained my mind to receive His message. This knowledge makes me feel guided and provides me with a deep sense of peace. The peace flowing from within me is what creates the ultimate beauty for the world to see.

While it makes me very happy to share the beauty secrets contained in this book, my ultimate joy lies beyond that. My greatest wish is that this book will be an inspiration for you to develop a spiritual knowledge and awareness of your greatest potential. 

Enjoy a beautiful life!