Lydia Silvestry's Beauty Secrets

The subject of this work is the author's lifestyle secrets that keep her looking perpetually young. The author shares her secrets through her tips, recommendations and recipes.

The following chapters relate ways to reverse aging, regain health, and improve the body’s energy, using only natural products. The beauty secrets revealed in these pages are presented in an honest, candid, and uncomplicated manner to save you time, money, stress and wrinkles.

Table of Contents



Part I: Beauty on the Outside

Chapter 1: Hair: Your Crowning Glory

Shampoo Without Chemicals
Natural Hair Rinse
Nutritious Hair Conditioner
Avocado Morning Glory
Hair Spray: How to ‘E-lemonate’ Fly Away Hair
Bright & Shiny Hair
Dandruff: Get Rid of Those Pesky Flakes

Chapter 2: About Face

My Grandma May
Have a Glowing Face Without Cosmetics
How I Clean My Face
Accidental Discovery: Anti-Wrinkle Treatment
Sweet Wrinkle Treatment
Unorthodox Neck Treatment
Questions About Microdermabration
Fruit Treatment For Skin
Instead of Skin Creams
Those Age Spots
Avocado Facial Cream: Vitamin Nourishment
Dry Skin: Shea Butter
Almond Oil Moisturizer
For Sahara-Dry Skin
Peculiar Eye Cream
Funny Sun Block
Après Sun
Soothing Dry Lips
Face Mask for Normal Skin
Face Mask for Oily Skin
Clean Open Pores
Cosmetic Lead Test
Ingredients to Avoid in Cosmetics
Laser for Broken Facial Veins
Easy Facial Exercises
Comical Eye Exercise

Chapter 3: About the Body

Sweeping Body Brush
Superb Body Moisturizer
Essential Oils For Health and Beauty
Detoxifying Bath
Glamorous Elbows
What the Knees Need
Healthy Finger Nails
Keeping Nails Strong
My Favorite Nail File
Deodorant No More
Treat the Feet Right
Feet Moisturizing
Smooth Silky Feet
Shoes: Pretty is as Pretty Does
Comfy Shoes
“Silvery” Slippers Restored My Painful Feet
Shoes For a Happy Face

Chapter 4: About Body Tone

Exercise: Let the Body Talk
Move It!
Who Cares About Muscles?
What I Learned From My Cat
Healthy Joints
Stretch Stress Away
On the Ball
About Thighs
Cellulite Treatments
Answer to Cellulite
About Legs
Natural Breasts
Spiritual Shower

Chapter 5: About Posture

Proper Body Posture
Gravity and Posture
Proper Sleeping Posture
Beauty Sleep As It Should Be

Part II: … and Beauty on the Inside

Chapter 6: About the Mouth

Pearls of Wisdom About Your Smile
Best Teeth Brushing
Flossing With Fishing Line?
Use Pressurized Rinsing
Fast Teeth Cleaning
Beware of Teeth Whitening Products
Healthy Gums Will Hold the Teeth
Unusual Mouthwash
Anti-Plague Gum
Misalignment and the Temporal Mandibular Joint (TMJ)
Finding a Good Dentist

Chapter 7: The Vital Organs

A Healthy Colon
Energize with Colon Cleansing
Best Kidney Cleanse
Best Liver Cleansing Treatment
Liver Soothing Drink
Be Good to Your Stomach

Part III: Lifestyle Choices

Chapter 8: Healthy Home: An Indispensable Beauty Secret

Rectify Home Environment
Let’s Start With Awareness
Environmental Changes Check List
Best Natural Floors
Which Carpets Are Safe?
What’s Nontoxic for the Walls?
Clean Air at Home
Remedy for Upholstery
Wonderful Pillows
Blissful Bed Selection
Divine Bed Linens
Stress and Nervous Overload Theory
Electrical Appliances and Health Problems
Cellular Phones: a Hidden Menace
Improve Home Cleaning
Other Natural Cleansers
Lemon Cleaner; Safe and Fragrant
Bugs & Pesticides

Chapter 9: About Clothing

Natural Fabrics Calm our Nerves
Here’s How to Wash Clothes
Non-toxic Rinsing of Clothes

Chapter 10: About Fragrances

Blissful Gardenia Fragrance
Lovely Rose Fragrance
Devine Tuberose Fragrance
Lemon Refreshing Fragrance

Part IV: Food: Your Best Cosmetic

Chapter 11: Make Your Food Your Medicine

We Truly Are What We Eat
Father Knows Best?
Water: The Good and Not So Good
Drinking Our Weight in Water?
Cold, Cough and Flu Stopper

Chapter 12: My Theories About Eating

Reason for Overeating
Love Vacuum Theory
Anxiety Theory

Chapter 13: Foods to Avoid

Why Junk Food?
Salt: The Secret Aging Ingredient
Are You An Addict? Sugar Addiction
Freedom From Sugar Addiction
Everyone has Yeast & Fungus
My Yeast & Fungus Nightmare

Chapter 14: Beauty Diet

Food for Dry Skin
Fruits: Essential Enzymes
I Am Nuts About Nuts
Have Good Skin With Seeds
Live Food—More Energy

Chapter 15: Health Enhancement; Supplements

Here Are the Supplements I Take
Bioidentical Hormones

Chapter 16: Groundwork

Key Ingredient: Vitamin for Love
Cooking Utensils, Pots & Pans
Organize For Speed
How to Select Fruits & Vegetables
Washing Produce
Cooking Day—Creative Day
Next Day Servings
Freezing Food

Chapter 17: Food Recipes

Breakfast Recipes

Pre-Breakfast Start-up
Beauty Breakfast Shake
Beautiful Breakfast Shake With Fruits
Easy Oats
Oats Variations
Wholesome Eggs
Luxurious Caviar Eggs
Eggs Caviar & Tomatoes
Protein Power Granola
Divine Cornucopia Granola
Oat Flour Shake
Oat Shake With Blueberries

Salad Sauce and Hors D’Oeuvres

Lydia’s Healthy Salad Sauce
Almond Coriander Pâté
Hummus Simple
Green Hummus
Pink Hummus
Lima Bean Spread
Easy Tasty Wraps
Who Loves Crackers?
Fast Sautéed Asparagus
Roasted Garlic; Illness Prevention Food

Main Dishes

Aromatic Brown Rice
Brown Rice Encore
Wild Rice Savory
Quinoa: Wholesome and Easy
Quinoa Supreme
Quinoa With Pasta Sauce
Amaranth With Turmeric
Yucca Con Mojo
Cassava (Yucca)
Tofu and Vegetable Stir
Quick Tofu Onion Stir
Power Peppers
Germinating Beans
Lima Bean Casserole
Easy Lentils, Basic
Lentils Simple
Lentils Vegetable Casserole
Lentils and Almond
Smooth Lentils Puree Soup
Lentils and Pumpkin Soup
Chickpeas (Garbanzos), Basic Preparation
Garbanzo Casserole # 1
Garbanzo Casserole # 2
Garbanzo Casserole # 3
Tasty Bean Burgers

Fish Dishes

My Favorite Fish Soup
Asian Ginger Fish
Healthy Garlic Fish
Sophisticated Dill and Marjoram Fish
Easy Steamed Fish
Fish for a Healthy Heart
Baked Dry Cod Fish Surprise

Easy Sauces for Pasta

Almond & Spring Onion Sauce
Almond Pesto Sauce
Best Marinara Sauce
Quick Butter and Garlic Sauce
Fast Tomato Pasta Sauce
Roasted or Fresh Garlic Sauce

Ice Cream

Vanilla Ice Cream
Banana Ice Cream
Lemon Ice Cream

Fat Free Frozen Yogurt

Banana Frozen Yogurt
Pear Frozen Yogurt
Papaya Frozen Yogurt
Strawberry Frozen Yogurt


My Horchata

Part V: The Highest Dimension

Chapter 18: Inner Beauty; True Beauty

Raise Your Vibration
Meditation: Listening to God
How I Meditate
Peace in My Heart