I was reading some of your book this afternoon. Interesting about the peroxide and metal fillings. Unfortunately, I still do have some metal. It's amazing the things that have been put into our bodies over the years. Your book is becoming my Bible. It's very easy reading for someone that's not a big reader. I still don't know where you find your time. You are an amazing woman!!!!

We started reading your book yesterday in our sewing circle. It was so interesting, the ladies forgot to sew! Your "Beauty Secrets" are no longer a secret!

El libro es muy interesante y practico. Ya comence a utilizar algunos de los tratamientos para la piel y verdaderamente son fantasticos. Entre los que he utilzado se encuentran:
1) La mascarilla antiarrugas. Es excelente y notas un cambio inmediato en tu piel.
2) En la noche y la manana me estoy duchando con la mezcla de aceite de oliva y lemongrass o jazmin.
3) El aceite de castor sin olor con la mezcla de jazmin es excelente para las manos y cuello.
4) El aceite de almendras es excelente para todo el cuerpo y la cara.
Estoy en el proceso de terminar de leer el libro y poder incorporar poco a poco todos los consejos.
Con el que tengo un poco de duda y miedo a utilizar es la crema de oxido de zinc. Es cierto que se puede utilizar en toda la cara y como corrector debajo de los ojos para el maquillaje? Puede darle la luz del sol?

This book is wonderful. How happy you must be to have your wisdom presented so well and so beautifully.
Except for the fact that I'm unable to stop reading it, I can truthfully say that it is quite astonishing and I'm sure will become a classic. A very unusual blend of beauty, heart, and wisdom.
You are a wonder,
- Judy, Wisconsin Dells

Lydia Silvestry’s Beauty Secrets is a fascinating personal account of how a baby boomer discovered what the medical world often overlooks; that one can enjoy prolonged physical well-being and a younger appearance through natural methods of health practices, fitness and diet.
- A. Farshchian, MD, Medical Director, The Center for Regenerative Medicine

What Lydia Silvestry so eloquently points out are secrets to more optimal health. She addresses the issues so often missed: lifestyle, diet, supplementation and detoxification. This book is a MUST READ for those interested in making the most of their health and their natural beauty.
- Peter R. Holyk, MD, CNS, Medical Director

Contemporary Health Innovations Inc. I am impressed by this thorough discussion of the why’s and how to’s for reducing one’s chemical exposure! This is much more than a beauty book; it is a map designed to help people discover a real treasure—lifelong vibrant health!
- Janice O’Han, CHT, President, Positive Change Health Center

Lydia Silvestry’s Beauty Secrets is a valuable tool for one’s health and well-being. The information in this book can help anyone create more balance of mind, body and spirit.
- Sylwia Steyer, Master of Science in Dietetics and Nutrition, Certified Fitness Trainer

This book has simplified my life helping me live a green life the easy way plus it saved me a lot of money.
- Annie H, Vero Beach, FL

It's so easy to read with so many recipes and smart ideas.
- Vickie C, Boulder, CO

It is a remarkable book, had never seen anything quite like it before.
- Margaret Elizabeth M, Wisconsin Dells, WI

"Si Lydia se ve tan joven, bella y radiante, yo no tengo  por que lucir mas vieja con el pelo blanco, y aunque no luzca tan  joven como ella, puedo mejorar mi apariencia siguiendo sus consejos”
- Lillian C, Miami, FL


Book Review by Willi Miller

At first glance, Lydia Silvestry's pixie-cut hair seems to be prematurely gray. A closer look at her smooth, firm skin confirms it. This youthful woman obviously is in her 40s, certainly no more than 50. And then she tells you that her sixtieth birthday has come and gone, and she has never had a facelift or a single botox injection.

Silvestry, once crowned Puerto Rico's Beauty Queen, has been writing down the secrets to her youthful appearance for more than a decade and is now sharing them in "Lydia Silvestry's Beauty Secrets."  Written in a warm, conversational style, her words guide readers through the unlikely process of eliminating chemically produced products from their lives and replacing them with Mother Nature's answers to their health and beauty questions, starting at the top. From the borax she uses as a shampoo to the lemon juice rinse to her simple Avocado Morning Glory and sesame and olive oil conditioners, Silvestry lays out in detail how to find the Fountain of Youth in your local supermarket, with a side trip to the health-food store.

For both inner and outer beauty, Silvestry believes natural is better, and she lives her beliefs. Noticing that the Retin-A her doctor prescribed for skin blemishes years ago smoothed the fine lines on her face, she devised a natural mixture of egg white, honey, eggshell powder (she recycles, too) and vitamin C powder she calls her Sweet Wrinkle Treatment.

Silvestry doesn't write from a pulpit. She has made her share of mistakes along the way, succumbing to peer pressure and the hype of the advertising industry. She admits to getting breast implants when she was 40, but then explains that health problems she attributed to the implants convinced her to have them removed, one of the best health decisions she ever made, she says. A regimen of exercises to strengthen the muscles that support and lift the breasts gradually returned the natural softness.

There will be many readers who won't take the time to bake their own crackers, but even they can enjoy the sweet and tangy taste of
Silvestry's coriander pate, served on store-bought Wasa rye Crispbread. The author serves it to guests in a porcelain bowl surrounded by smaller dishes of some of the pate's ingredients.

An extremely busy businesswoman as well as a wife and mother, Silvestry easily could have given in to the temptation to stock her pantry and freezer with prepared, processed food, but instead has developed her own "processing" system. She sets aside time for a creative cooking day, when ingredients for salad dressings, soups and other staples are "mixed and matched" for use throughout the following week, with extra portions frozen. "Home prepared food is the only prepared frozen food I like," Silvestry says.

Not everyone will embrace the full extent of Silvestry's teachings but her book is easy enough to navigate for any level of commitment.